Direct Production

  GSP – Duty Free

⊕  Superior Quality Garments

  Full Compliance Oversight

  Improved Sustainability

  UK Development & Management

  No Agents

  No Financing Issues

  No Sub-Contractors

  No Health and Safety Concerns

  No Complexities

⊗  No Need to Travel

CG Retail has developed an in depth knowledge of producing in Bangladesh.

Already a garment manufacturing hub for many large European and now global brands, Bangladesh offers an increasingly attractive production alternative to China. An instant saving of 13% (6% Bras & Underwear) on import duty combined with less expensive labour costs, advanced technology, improved health and safety standards and sustainability practices mean that the region is no longer to be marred by earlier disasters.

Experts in the field, CG Retail have deployed our in depth knowledge of producing in Bangladesh to curate a unique, complete and comprehensive offering which allows brands to take advantage of the many benefits of manufacture in the region, without any of the perceived and often very real complexities.

We have carefully and painstakingly curated a very select group of CG Retail managed factories and have developed these in-keeping with our own goals and ethos, working together both on the ground in Bangladesh and from the UK, to ensure a high quality, low-cost, on time and hassle-free production process.


Why work with us?

CG Retail do not deal with buying houses, middlemen, subcontractors or agents – but work closely and directly with our own-controlled factory owners to ensure the development of best practices in Product Development, Pre-Production, QC and General Management.

  • We’ve built a process which cuts through all issues concerning manufacture in Bangladesh.
  • Production management, Technical development, fabric testing, trouble shooting – we do it all.
  • We operate with full transparency, right down to most minute details of the supply chain.
  • We implement robust health and safety measures and ensure regulations are complied with.
  • If you have a policy of Fair Trade we have partner suppliers & factories with Fair Trade certification.
  • Our factories are certified Sedex, BSCI, Accord, Lead (the USA environmental certification for production) these are the gold standard for garment manufacture.
  • We subscribe to the ILO and Cleaner Clothes core Labour standards and have built relationships with factory owners that understand the need for ethical compliance.
  • We currently work with a diverse range of materials including but not limited to: Cotton-Jersey, Cotton-Polyester, Polyester-Jersey, woven shirtings, Twill and Denim.
  • Our production units have the capacity for producing 3+ Million units annually.
  • CG Retail manufacturers are already associated with world-renowned brands including Zara, Marks & Spencers,